WE have a goal to reach the entire United States with the gift of proficient visual literacy in early childhood education. Additionally we believe students deserve this philosophy of step by step drawing alongside curriculum based lessons. Emphasizing proper pencil grip, fast, legible handwriting and engaged happy students, we are creating the magic that connects children to their own possibilities. Currently we operate on a limited budget and are in need of hiring staff to train future teachers, communicate with districts about bringing the project into their town, production staff to make training kits and operation costs to keep our organization running. We are a non profit so that our hard work may perpetuate long into the future. Kind donations can make our vision a reality for many generations to come. Thanks to those of you who help us to UNLEASH THE HAPPINESS!

During the 2014-2015 school year, children's book illustrator/author Wendy Anderson Halperin drove to Homewood, Il every week to draw with the entire school's kindergarten students. This year Wendy is not only teaching those same 161 students, now in first grade, but will also follow them into second grade with our fourth and final project, Project Curiosity. Each week she also teaches over 150 students in Flint, MI at a  98% at risk school. Wendy has been able to refine the materials for our projects but more importantly she has taken these students to new heights in the areas of fine motor development, attention skills, engaged listening skills, visual literacy, near-far perceptual skills, abilities to draw recognizable and often amazing artwork, obtain acute observational skills and impressive handwriting for students of their age. The research from these school visits will result in a documentary film and research book about the projects. The multiple benefits of step by step instructions in the class' have been evident and we look forward to sharing our results with the world upon the completion of the 2016-2017 school year and assessment of our complied research. A film crew, teachers in the project, doctors in Neuroscience and numerous others are joining energy to assess the data, film the process and relay the message. With the right content and engaging delivery WE are creating a strong link to literacy. Kindly contribute so we may continue our research and bring our evidence to light. Thank you!

In the early childhood education classroom many children are forced to sit at tables with other children the entire year. WE believe in breaking apart the kindergarten/first grade classrooms to enable teachers and students to have individual desk time and the coming together for group work. From this belief we created these TRY Angle Furniture desks. Above is an image of the first classroom set we donated to a teacher in Homewood, IL for her excellence in her kindergarten class. She wrote daily sight words with the children, using a document camera, did the weekly drawing lessons that tied to curriculum and met our guidelines for fulfilling obligations to receive a set of 25 triangular desks. Click on the triangle below to see the requirements. Kindly donate to help us provide outstanding teachers with  furniture that allows for children's "my time" and "our time". Thank you!

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