Portable Art

Studio Box

$5.00 each, assembled

Teacher Crayon Organizer Box

$10.00 each

Library Folder Box

$3.00 each

How Many?
How Many?

Includes: Steadtler Sharpener, Tri-Write Pencil, Get a Grip Pin, By Heart Pin, Eraser Tip. Crayons Not Included

Loaded Portable Art

Studio Box

$20.00 each

Decorative Stickers Included

Creative Writing Station Box

Box sold without decoration. Decorative stickers included.


Drawn to Discover CLASSROOM KIT

Teacher Crayon Organizer Box, Label Included

Printed - Table of Paper Guide

1 Assembled Library Folder

24 Unassembled Library Folders

1 Assembled Portable Art Studio Box

24 Unassembled Portable Art Studio Boxes

Staedtler 2 Hole Sharpener for Crayons/Pencil

25 Dixon Ticonderoga Tri-Write Pencils

Library Folder Labels

Creative Writing Station, Labels Included

USB Flash Drive of Paper Files

Printed Drawn to Discover Manual

25 “Get a Grip” Buttons

Supplies for Classroom of 25 Students

$250.00 = $10 per student

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