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Supplies for your classroom

This Creative Writing Station can hold three different styles of letter sized half sheets. Great for a writing table in a classroom or at a playtime table. Students can make books with various style pages depending on their story takes them.

Student Library Folder

Sold separately or in sets of 25

$2 each


These folders hold letter sized half sheet books, in construction paper covers. Perfect for the volume of books students create in the project

A Creative Writing Station

Sold Individually - $6 each

A Portable Art Studio Box

Sold separately or in sets of 25

$3 each


These PAS boxes are great for organizing crayons into groups, holds the pencil, ruler and sharpener too. Close the lid to throw in a backpack or go outside and upon reopening, all tools inside are in the exact same spot. Label included.

Block Party Furniture

Designed for classrooms and the home-school rooms. Able to accommodate all the teaching materials used in the program. This setup is able to house Drawing Children Into Reading Library Folders,  Creative Writing Stations, Portable Art Studio Boxes, writing and drawing supplies and much more. Custom made for your room needs.

Email Holley for more details dcir.office@gmail.com

Prices vary for different configurations. $500-$750

Materials not included

Drawing Children Into Peace - By Heart Pins

Drawing Children Into Reading Squeezie Brains

Strengthen children's hands with hand yoga exercises and grasping a Squeezie Brain. Help children practice counting while squeezing this sponge like brain. Further develop strength in student's hands while they are learning to write and make a pencil useful. Sing a song to make the time of go bye. - $3.50 each


Fast, Flexible, Strong Fingers are our Future!

Drawing Children Into Reading - Get a Grip Pins ($.75 each)

We have added a peace element to the project. Drawing Children Into Peace introduces children to peace quotes from around the world. They illustrate the meaning and memorize the quote to incorporate them into their lives. Memorize 5 quotes to receive a By Heart pin.

$.35 each


Check out the By Heart Peace Project at www.drawingchildrenintopeace.com

Pencil grip is a major goal in the project and so we developed a 1.5 inch "Get A Grip! Get A Grip! I've Got A Grip" pin. Student's earn a pin once they learn to place all three fingers on the pencil, forming proper pencil grip.

Drawing Children Into Reading - TRY Angle Furniture

Furniture with a Philosophy

Desks Prices are as Follows:

Varnished Wood Top - $205

Laminate Top - $215

Stained Wood Top - $215

Illustrated Top - $230

Dry Erase Top - $230

Caddies are Included,

Shipping is NOT Included

Contact Holley at dcir.office@gmail.com with questions


Designed for students and teachers to create books. Write and illustrate your own library of books by clicking the paper images below. Download the papers, draw and write about the world around you. Click below, on the icon on the right to practice coloring  the 64 colors in your Crayola box. Using soft, medium and hard pressure one can create a range of colors from each crayon. Enjoy the process and invent your OWN colors.

Email Holley for more details dcir.office@gmail.com

                    Graph Paper                                   Picture Lined Paper                                   64 Color Guide

           Drawing People Paper                      Bigger Lined Paper for K                      Write Daily Sight Words

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