Dixon Ticonderoga Tri Write Pencils

$.50 each

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Pencil Top Erasers

$.25 each

Staedtler Sharpener for Crayons & Pencil


Get a Grip Pin

$1.00 each

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USB Drive of Papers

$25.00 for all over 950 specialized paper files

Printed Papers Guide

$35.00 for 100 page double sided Table of Papers

Manuscript Alphabet on Graph Paper for Desk

$2 each

Laminated Manuscript

Letter Cards

$20 a set

Hand Strengthening

Squeezie Brain


Build Fine Motor Skills and

Strengthen Handwriting by

Drawing with Miss WEndy.

1 Year Subscription of Drawn to Discover

$250.00 for 25 Students for 1 Year                                                      $120.00 for 1 Student for 1 Year

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We now can offer a digital training in 8 film segments.

From the comfort of your own home, learn to teach this step by step project to your students. We can ship you a full training kit with the training films for a similar price to sitting in on a two day Wendy workshop.  Check out more by clicking HERE

Drawing Children Into Reading Digital Workshop


CHANGE - Perspectives from 187 First Graders


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