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Children to Their Own Possibilities

----- EXCITING NEWS!  -----


Using the same step-by-step method to help children achieve

a higher level of fine motor, Drawing Children Into Reading has

partnered with Drawn to Discover. In doing so, all the lessons have

been re filmed in high definition, and warm up films added to many

lessons. The Drawn to Discover team has helped create a platform to

house all of Wendy Anderson Halperin drawing lessons ONLINE. This

new site includes new and expanded lessons from the Connection Project,

as well as curriculum for teaching pre-school aged children, cursive studies, &

Social and Emotional Learning (Drawn to Peace). Coming soon to the site will be

the Explore Level geared toward helping students in later grades to further develop their fine motor skills, visual note taking abilities, genre writing study and other great benefits from Drawing Children Into Reading.


                                                  Packages are available for individuals,

                                                  classrooms, whole schools, and districts.


                                                           Sign your children up for Drawn to Discover at


Drawing, using this step by step method, helps student's with: memory, handwriting,

proper pencil grip, hand-eye coordination, observational skills, shading, shadowing, acute listening skills, attention span, spacial awareness, perspective, proportion, following directions, drawing step by step, near-far perceptual skills,  organizational skills, and so much more!  Help children make fine motor connections to  THEIR BRAINS.

Meet the Project Pioneers

In 2006 the students below drew with Miss Wendy once a week for two years in kindergarten and first grade...

now they are juniors in high school. Hear their thoughts about handwriting, drawing, doodling, and how art has helped them.

The Drawing Link to Literacy

Pencil Grip, Why Should We Care?

Observation Skills

Increase Attention Span

Project Pencil Grip for Preschool

Teaching Handwriting

Increase Attention Span

Difference is Night and Day

Sophia's testimonial for Drawing Children Into Reading

Children CAN learn how to draw. When they develop those abilities their handwriting improves, their visual and spacial understanding improves, they are more confident and their self esteem improves. This project connects children to the teacher. Children use their fingers and learn to love their pencil. HAPPINESS is our magic ingredient.

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