The Genre Writing Project Format

Students draw the lessons on our specially designed paper that go into small books. There is writing below and pages can be added where the student can write about the illustrated subject. This format lends itself to  opinion, narrative, compare and contrast, historical fiction, informational and many other genres.


Goals & Benefits


     - Exposure to genres

        (non-fiction, history,

        biography, fiction,

        legend, etc.)

     - Content lecturing as

        students draw

     - Listening to details

     - Watching for visual


     - Following directions

     - Writing in the genre


     - Furthering fine motor


     - Coloring large &

        small areas.

     - A QUIET Classroom

        as students write

     - 70 minute attention


     - Near - far perceptual


     - Organized workspace

The Royal Mouse Family


Writing and illustration by a little girl in Canada.

In THE GENRE WRITING PROJECT, the teacher tells a story as the students draw. The story could be about dinosaurs, or an adventure on a boat, or an African legend, or information about waste and landfills. We draw an aspect of the story. The room is quiet and the students are engaged drawing and listening. We DRAW the GENRES OF LITERATURE. Hopefully the students finds a genre they especially like and we ignite the will to read. Students create a library of books they write & illustrate.

Drawing Children Into Reading, NFP  Wendy A. Halperin -  Copyright 2019   Holley Lawson -