Goals & Benefits


   - 70 minute attention span

   - Following directions

   - Engaged listening with the teacher

   - Near far perceptual skills

   - Proper pencil grip

   - Hand - eye coordination

   - Acute observational skills

   - Organized workspace

   - Quiet learning environment

Research has been showing us that when we engage the eyes, ears and fingers all at the same time more places light up in your brain. The Connection Project engages the eyes, ears and fingers for 50 - 70 minutes every week. With The Connection Project, students listen, see and remember what the teacher has said so they can reproduce the step by step instructions. Following along to the end results in a highly recognizable illustration by adults and self empowerment for the student who has created something so apparent to outsiders.


 Elements from the drawings are labeled so handwriting is constantly reinforced. An ability to apply varying pressures to the pencil helps to achieve light and dark areas of the drawing as well as with up and down strokes in their handwriting efforts.


Exercises are taught to strengthen hand and arm muscles and allow the opportunity to explain the arsenal of connections we have in our hands and arms. We give children a visual vocabulary based in the sciences because kids appreciate drawing anatomically correct. Slowing the instruction down and using an overhead projection of a hand under a document camera enables the success of the students and encourages more writing and drawing.


Children want to draw and we use that curiosity to build strong handwriting skills.

We draw the alphabet.

Among Other Things...


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