The Hand

          ~Frank Wilson


The Hand and the Brain

           ~Goran Lundborg



          ~John Napier


Talking, Drawing, Writing

          ~Martha Horn & Mary

                   Ellen Giacobbe


Euclid's Elements



Biomimicry - Innovation Inspired by Nature

          ~Janine M. Benyus


Braiding Sweetgrass

          ~ Robin Wall Kimmerer


Netter's Atlas of Neuroscience

          ~Frank Netter


Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning

          ~ Herbert W. Broda


Thumbs, Toes and Tears

          ~ Chip Walter



          ~Susan Cain


Netter's Anatomy Coloring Book

          ~John T. Hansen


Ruler & Compass - Practical Geometric Constructions

          ~Andrew Sutton


The Golden Section - Nature's Greatest Secret

          ~Scott Olsen


Quadrivium - The Four Classical Liberal Arts of Number, Geometry, Music & Cosmology

          ~Miranda Lundy


Symmetry - The Ordering Principle

          ~David Wade


Arts with the Brain in Mind

          ~Eric Jensen


Sacred Geometry

          ~Miranda Lundy


FLOW: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

          ~Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


The Writer's Drawing Book: The Russians

           ~Shambhala Publications


The Brain: A Very Short Introduction

           ~Michael O'Shea


Mudras: Yoga in your Hands

          ~Gertrud Hirschi


Why Boys Fail: Saving Our Sons from an Educational System That's Leaving Them Behind

           ~Richard Whitmire


Find Flow: The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life

          ~Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales

          ~Oliver Sacks


The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci compiled and Edited from the Original Manuscripts

          ~Jean Paul Richter


Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents need to Matter More Than Peers

          ~Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D.


The Hand, an Organ of the Mind: What the Manual Tells the Mental

          ~Zdravko Radman


Visual Thinking Strategies: Using Art to Deepen Learning Across School Disciplines

          ~Philip Yenawine


Drawing with Children: A Creative Method for Adult Beginners, Too

          ~Mona Brookes


The Memory Book

          ~Harry Lorayne and

             Jerry Lucas


How to Chalk Talk

          ~Harlan Tarbell


Picture This: How Pictures Work

          ~Molly Bang


Young At Art ~ Jane Stroschin


Grammar Graphics and Picture Perfect Punctuation

          ~Jerry Lucas (Doctor Memory)


The Botany Coloring Book

          ~Paul Young


Heidi's Horse

           ~Sylvia Fein


Essays on the Atatomy of Expression in Painting

          ~Charles Bell


And more to come...


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