Dixon Ticonderoga Tri Write Pencils

$.75 each

Pencil Top Erasers

$.25 each

Staedtler Sharpener for Crayons & Pencil


How Many?
How Many?
How Many?

"Get a Grip" Pin

$.75 each

USB Drive of Papers

$25 for all over 1000 specialized paper files

Crayola 64 Crayons

Classroom Set (25 Boxes)


Manuscript Alphabet on Graph Paper for Desk

$2 each

Laminated Manuscript

Letter Cards

$25 a set

Hand Strengthening

Squeezie Brain


How Many?
How Many?

Printed Table of Papers Guide

100 page, dbl sided, Table of Papers


Printed Drawn to Discover Visual Map

Visual outline of the lessons offered on D2D


Build Fine Motor Skills and

Strengthen Handwriting by

Drawing with Miss WEndy.

1 Year Subscription of Drawn to Discover

$119.88 for a Whole Year (over 400 Drawing Lessons)


We now can offer a digital training in 8 film segments.

From the comfort of your own home, learn to teach this step by step project to your students. We can ship you a full training kit with the training films for a similar price to sitting in on a two day Wendy workshop.  Check out more by clicking HERE

Email dcir.office@gmail.com
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Drawing Children Into Reading Digital Teacher Training


CHANGE - Perspectives from 187 First Graders


For More Information, Contact Holley at dcir.office@gmail.com

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